Mysta's Rivington

Where does one begin to separate art from life? They are usually presented in two distinct ‘arenas’, but in reality, can the two become one? For me, life informs my art – just as surely as art informs and enriches my life. The longer I continue to be an artist and know other artists, the more these lines begin to blur. Since my ‘awakening’ in Chartres, France in 2014, I have become acutely aware that in fact, my entire life is the art.

At first, this was quite a shock. One minute, I was a silent observer of the world around me, then the next, I had become the subject matter of my own work. The transition from being an anonymous member of the ‘audience’ to being the ‘actor on the stage’ made me feel very uncomfortable. I wrestled with it for some time, but the new viewpoint remained.

The name Mysta’s Mirror encapsulates this concept, i.e. my life as an artist and writer is the art. The framework ‘Take Britain’ is the platform upon which I present the ideas. It provides a familiar structure where my life can be ‘exhibited’.

There are several elements to Take Britain. The Galleries display regular, themed exhibitions of my art, whereas the Continuum provides the ongoing ‘exploration’ of my visual ideas and thoughts. A regular blog attempts to explain more fully the areas of my life that I ‘excavate’ whilst the Secret Gallery contains a private and intimate view of my world. Welcome to my new creative journey – it’s going to take a lifetime!


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