Gallery Two

Foxy Dog: The Beginning

Artist’s Statement

For some time I have been wanting to create a ‘continuum’ of paintings and drawings. An ongoing, visual narrative with a central character. Many ideas simmered away in my head for many months, but none of them seemed to come to fruition. I was slowly going mad! Then, whilst driving with my partner across Wiltshire (in particular – past Stonehenge), I suddenly came up with the idea of Foxy Dog. I could see him clearly in my imagination and immediately knew that this was the continuum character for me. He was a muddled soul, part dog and part fox. His identity issues touched me and I could foresee his personal journey; a journey where he would have strange and surreal adventures with an array of extraordinary characters. Of course, in many ways, Foxy Dog is a metaphor for me. He represents my own unique ‘madness’ and touches on aspects of my spiritual awakening. So here he is, Foxy Dog. I hope you enjoy meeting him and sharing his adventures.

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