Mysta’s Mirror

Secret Gallery

Artist’s Statement

Welcome to Mysta’s Mirror Secret Gallery. Most of us are collectors of one kind or another – collectors of shoes and handbags, collectors of computer gadgets or coins. Unfortunately, few people these days are collectors of Art. Not mass-produced, printed, pre-framed Art, but handmade, original Art made by an Artist. This is because Art seems to be a complex, expensive and time-consuming luxury best left to the rich, famous and knowledgeable. A product for those ‘in the know’.

Here in the Secret Gallery the opposite is true. I have decided to create original Art that is accessible and affordable, with pieces costing as little as £3. Each one is hand made by me and is part of a limited edition (i.e. I haven’t made too many of each kind so that it remains unique).

To maintain the philosophy of the Secret Gallery – where the element of surprise is paramount – opening the box reveals each magical tiny piece of Art. The secret Gallery gives more information about the piece, a ‘provenance’ and proof that I created it. I hope you enjoy discovering my Art and creating your own miniature exhibition.

Please enter the gallery via the thumbnail images below.

Mysta's Mirror - Little Blue House

Little Blue House

Mysta's Mirror - Love to Caravan

Love to Caravan

Mysta's Mirror - Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Mysta's Mirror - Red Letterbox

Red Letterbox

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